Student, Faculty and Institutional Research Activities

The Campus Chief of IOF-HC is responsible for overall administration of the institution.


Research Management Cell (RMC) in the Hetauda Campus has been accelerated as per the decision of Research Management Committee (RMC).

Institute of Forestry, Hetauda Campus

The institute of Forestry (IOF) is the first and only institute in Nepal to commit itself to the education and training in Forestry and Natural Resource Management. Coming into existence as Nepal Forestry Institute at Singh Durbar , Kathmandu in 1947 under the department of Forest.

Academic Programs

Master Degree Program

Since 2016, we have initiated the M.Sc degree in Forestry in order to maintain the highly demands of forestry professionals around the world. Students will have to take courses in the first three-semester sand carry out research and write a thesis in the fourth semester.

Campus Facilities

Auditorium and Conference Halls

The IOF-HC has a well-maintained separate auditorium building for different formal and informal academic and socio-cultural programs. It also has maintained a well-furnished conference hall for small group seminars and conferences.

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Message from the Campus Chief

Hetauda Campus, under Institute of Forestry (IOF), Tribhuvan University (TU) has witnessed the history of Forestry education in Nepal which was began in 1947 in Kathmandu. The then forestry training center was shifted to Bhimphedi of Makawanpur district in 1957 and again to Hetauda in 1965 after installing the physical facilities which was established by the joint effort of the Government of Nepal and Indian Aid Mission. In the beginning, the training organization was under Department of Forest. The institution was brought under the umbrella of Tribhuvan University in July 1972. Since then, Hetauda Campus – a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University - has remained as the center of forestry education in Nepal.

Students' Views

Kusum Nepal

Peaceful environment, academic exposure and encouraging teachers, IOF-Hetauda is one of the finest technical colleges of Nepal.


Institute of Forestry

Hetauda Campus

Main Road, Hetauda,

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