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MSc Exam Schedule

बोलपत्रको म्याद थप सम्बन्धमा

MSc Exam Postponed





तोकिएका म्यादभित्र दरखास्त निवेदन गर्ने उम्मेदेवारहरुको नामावली

M.Sc Exam Form

Makeup exam routine

नियमित तथा पुनपरीक्षा सम्बन्धि सूचना

The examination will conducted of different semesters of Institute of Forestry.

Notice to M.Sc Student

Compulsory attend 70% attendance in classroom.

Students' Views

Research on Lesser Adjutant

Congratulations to Mr. Santosh Bajagain and Mr. Aavas Pradhan, B Sc Forestry Final year students at this institute for publishing research article "Notes on nesting behavior of Globally Threatened Lesser Adjutant Leptotilos javanicus in Sarlahi, Nepal" in Danphe newsletter Volume 27, December 2018 published by Bird Conservation Nepal. Best wishes for their further research work.

Bikram Singh received CSG Research Grant

I, Bikram Singh, am final year Student at Tribhuvan University, Institute of Forestry (IOF),  Hetauda, Nepal. I have just got IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG) grant for conducting research on “Population status, distribution pattern and conservation threats of Gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) in the Karnali River, Bardia National Park, Nepal” under the supervision of Dr. Menuka Maharjan.

I started writing proposal on this topic during my final examination of 4th year/1st semester in November-December, 2018. We modified the proposal more than 10 times before submitting to CSG. Both my supervisor and CGS member Mr. Baburam Lamichhane (Research officer at NTNC/BCC, Nepal) reviewed my proposal and gave me valuable suggestions/comments which significantly improve quality of proposal.

There is no secret to success. It is a result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.



Bichit Singh

IOF, (Hetauda) is the nation’s first institute for the study of Forestry under the reputed University of Nepal.

The well-equipped labs, sophisticated library, and Asia’s renowned museum complex are the matter of pride and beauty for this institute.

IOF, (Hetauda) is the nation’s first institute for the studyof Forestry under the reputed University of Nepal. The well-equipped labs,sophisticated library, and Asia’s renowned museum complex are the matter ofpride and beauty for this institute. In my opinion, IOF, (Hetauda) is reallythe place for the students to shape their career in various fields includingDoF, Department of Environment, INGOs, NGOs and much more. I have been studyingsince 2066 B.S, starting from intermediate level after SLC to B.Sc. and nowM.Sc. running. I really feel proud to be the students of this institute wherethere is a chance to enhance the academic career and also to shape the brightfuture. The internet facility provided in hostels, library, and classrooms hasproved to be the boon for the students to update their knowledge.

The friendly behavior of the teachers also contributes thestudents to share their knowledge and ideas at any time without any sort ofhesitation that will ultimately contribute to students. Finally, I would liketo flow the message to all interested students to join this institute to enrollthe carrier in various forestry related fields for bright future and also tocontribute to the nature conservation.

Kusum Nepal

Peaceful environment, academic exposure and encouraging teachers, IOF-Hetauda is one of the finest technical.

For several decades, IOF, Hetauda has  been producing skilled and proficient forest technicians. I feel fortunate to be a part of this college. Participatory approach, technical knowledge and well-equipped students library increases the interest of students, making learning a fun job. Your creativity is never wasted here. In the shadow of expert teaching faculty, you are always improving yourself. If you are planning to make a career in the field of nature conservation, then IOF, Hetauda is surely the best choice.  


M.Sc. (Forestry)

Since 2016, we have initiated the M.Sc degree in Forestry in order to maintain the highly demands of forestry professionals around the world.

Bachelor Degree Program

Students with I.Sc., TCL forestry, Diploma in Forestry, +2 Science, A-level or equivalent degree with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate can apply for admission into the Bachelor level program.

Campus Facilities

  • Auditorium and Conference Halls

    The IOF-HC has a well-maintained separate auditorium building for different formal and informal academic and socio-cultural programs.

  • Museum

    Museum established to facilitate teaching, research and extension activities in forestry related disciplines.

  • Library

    Library receives around 40 newsletters and journals of forestry and related fields.

  • Hostel

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