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About Us

Institute of Forestry, Hetauda Campus

The institute of Forestry (IOF) is the first and only institute in Nepal to commit itself to the education and training in Forestry and Natural Resource Management. Coming into existence as Nepal Forestry Institute at Singh Durbar , Kathmandu in 1947 under the department of Forest.

It moved to Supping (Bhim Phedi) in 1957 and again to Hetauda in 1965 for better physical facilities established by the Indian Co-operation Mission (ICM).  The institute merged into the Tribhuvan University in July 1972 and got a new name “Institute of Forestry”. It offered a two –year certificate level courses in Forestry only in Hetauda since 1981. The campus was developed with the technical and financial assistance from the World Bank, International Development Agency (ICA) and the United States Agency for international Development (USAID). In order to meet the growing demands of trained natural resource managers in the country. Institute of Forestry (IOF)/Hetauda Campus has systematically managed its Bachelor and Master Degree in Forestry for quality in the academic sector.

In 2004, it evolved into a fully fledged institute after launching the Master of Science (MSc) and PhD program in forestry. The Doctoral program of the IOF is opened for all those interested in any field related to forestry. It is a research based degree program. The IOF has been offering courses pertinent to various disciplines of NRM and has been modifying its curriculum as time necessitates. The current curricula comprise the basic science and forestry courses with a due emphasis on forest management, community forestry, Agro-forestry, Eco-tourism, park and recreation management, Environmental science, wildlife, Protected Area Management, and Soil Conservation and Watershed Management. The distinguished history of access and quality of the IOF continues today, providing graduate and undergraduate students with unique opportunities to make a difference through technically sound and competent and socially amiable and yielding services to the nation in Forestry and Natural resource Management. Teaching and research at IOF preserve and enrich creative traditions through well-designed educational programs that address the current needs and interest of civil society in the country in the area of forestry and allied fields.

Conducting the academic research with proper utilization of our student’s resources is the main thrust of the institute. Productions of Institute of Forestry (IOF) have been used around the world for research, extension, and development. Therefore, it generates the quality manpower for the national and international demands.

Mission and Vision

The IOF Hetauda campus is committed to providing quality education in Forestry and Natural Resource Management to graduate and post-graduate students, enabling them to make a difference through technically sound and competent and socially affable and yielding services to the nation and the world in this area, making IOF Hetauda Campus as a full hub of research and extension.


The IOF Hetauda runs both Bachelor and Master Degree Programs with an objective to produce well-trained and practically equipped human resources that can be instrumental in protection, conservation, and management of forests and other natural resources of the country and the world. Specifically, these programs are run:

•To produce high-level technical professionals who can provide services according to the needs of various clients (government, semi-government, and private companies/industries).

•To produce self-reliant and practically oriented resource managers who can initiate their own enterprises in the area of forestry and forest-based industries and also provide consultancy services to other interested individuals and organizations.

•To utilize under-used resources of the IOF and explore other potential resources and make IOF as a center of excellence in the area of teaching, research and extension in forestry.

•To develop professional relationships with various organizations (Government, bilateral and multilateral forestry projects in Nepal), donor agencies, and other in-country and out-country academic and research institutions.

Organization Chart

The Campus Chief of IOF-HC is responsible for overall administration of the institution. The institution entails five faculties- faculty of Social Forestry and Management, Forest Product and Engineering, Park Recreation and Wildlife Management, Watershed and Environmental science, Silviculture and Forest Biology, Basic Science and Humanities. Hetauda campus includes 25 faculty members (with 1 Professor, 2 Associate Professor and 22 Lecturers) and 325 students.

M.Sc. (Forestry)

Since 2016, we have initiated the M.Sc degree in Forestry in order to maintain the highly demands of forestry professionals around the world.

Bachelor Degree Program

Students with I.Sc., TCL forestry, Diploma in Forestry, +2 Science, A-level or equivalent degree with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate can apply for admission into the Bachelor level program.

Campus Facilities

  • Auditorium and Conference Halls

    The IOF-HC has a well-maintained separate auditorium building for different formal and informal academic and socio-cultural programs.

  • Museum

    Museum established to facilitate teaching, research and extension activities in forestry related disciplines.

  • Library

    Library receives around 40 newsletters and journals of forestry and related fields.

  • Hostel

Tribhuvan University Institute of Forestry Hetauda Campus
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