The IOF Hetauda runs both Bachelor and Master Degree Programs with an objective to produce well-trained and practically equipped human resources that can be instrumental in protection, conservation, and management of forests and other natural resources of the country and the world. Specifically, these programs are run:

•To produce high-level technical professionals who can provide services according to the needs of various clients (government, semi-government, and private companies/industries).

•To produce self-reliant and practically oriented resource managers who can initiate their own enterprises in the area of forestry and forest-based industries and also provide consultancy services to other interested individuals and organizations.

•To utilize under-used resources of the IOF and explore other potential resources and make IOF as a center of excellence in the area of teaching, research and extension in forestry.

•To develop professional relationships with various organizations (Government, bilateral and multilateral forestry projects in Nepal), donor agencies, and other in-country and out-country academic and research institutions.