Shankar Tripathi

Address:- Gitanagar-5, Chitwan
Appointed subject :- Forest Protection
Education :– MSc Forestry

Research and Publication :-

1. Lamichhane, S., Bhattarai, D., Karki, J. B., Gautam, A. P., Pandeya, P., Tripathi, S., & Mahat, N. (2022). Population status, habitat occupancy and conservation threats to mugger crocodile (Crocodylus palustris) in Ghodaghodi Lake Complex, Nepal. Global Ecology and Conservation, 33.

2. Subedi, S., Kafle, G., & Tripathi, S. (2021). Geospatial Assessment of Floods in Western Nepal. The Scientific World Journal, 2021.

3. Nepal, S., Tripathi, S., & Adhikari, H. (2021). Geospatial approach to the risk assessment of climate-induced disasters (drought and erosion) and impacts on out-migration in Nepal. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 59, 102241.

4. Tripathi, S., & Adhikari, Y. (2021). Wood Loss Assessment in Forest of Sal (Shorea robusta) by Heart Rot of Central Terai of Nepal. International Journal of Forestry Research, 2021, 1–8.

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7. Shankar, S. S., Tripathi, S., Sharma, G., & Buctuan, C. M. An Assessment of Carbon Stock in Eucalyptus Forest with Variation in Stand Age in Rawatamai Afforestation Project Area, Jhapa, Nepal; Nor. Am. Aca. Res. 2020: 3(2): 304-316:

8. Sharma, P., Adhikari, H., Tripathi, S., Ram, A. K., & Bhattarai, R. (2019). Habitat suitability modeling of Asian Elephant Elephas maximus (Mammalia: Proboscidea: Elephantidae) in Parsa National Park, Nepal and its buffer zone. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 11(13), 14643–14654.

9. Rimal, S., H. Adhikari & S. Tripathi (2018). Habitat suitability and threat analysis of Greater One-horned Rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis Linnaeus, 1758 (Mam-malia: Perissodactyla: Rhinocerotidae) in Rautahat District, Nepal. Journal of Threatened Taxa 10(8): 11999-12007;–12007

10. Shah, R., Tripathi, S, & Bhatta, B. (2017). Translocation of Wild Asian Buffalo (Bubalis arnee): a way forward for conservation in Nepal. Proceedings of International Buffalo Symposium 2017, page 175-178, 15-18 November.

Experience :– 2016-2021 Assistant Professor (Forestry) in Agriculture and Forestry University

Contact Detail(Mobile/Email):- 9856067202/